CatCoon II - The Voyage continues

Some day on the hunt for food the strange feeling came back ... But the CatCoon ignored it and aimed for his prey ... He waited for a good aim to make the first shot count. But the first arrow missed and the prey made his escape.

So he waited again ... But no new prey appeared and the temperature fell. Now the strange felling had the CatCoon fully in his grip. Angry he spoted for the source of his feelings.

He saw something twinkling... But it was only a sunbeam. So he continued his voyage through the woods. Then he found a hidden place ...

A strange place ... The CatCoon saw a footprint ! With caution the CatCoon snifed and prepared himself for the unknown. He hid in cover and took a moment to look around. With cocked bow he enterd slowly the area.

Seemed to be peacefull and lone here. But the CatCoon didn't thrust the peace. He moved over the place. And again something gained his attention.

"Grrrr" - Something twinkled in the sunlight ... it wasn't him ! He lowered his bow and turned towards the water. A little rest will be not so bad for me, he thought. So he dropped his sword and moved closer to the water to refresh himself.

Carefully he moved down the stone steps. "A Spring! Fresh water..." But something wasn't ok. The Catcoon had the felling that something was looking deep into his soul.

"Is this you, old Friend ?" "Come out!" He stepped over the littel river and got his sword back in hand. "Must I play the old game again and again with you ?"

I say: "Come out!" Again it got colder ... He shrinkled.. Angryness filled the CatCoons heart as he saw a shadow appearing.

"So you come to mess with me?" "I will be ready" "Come on ...." "I am waiting"

But the shadow disappeared. Disapointed but a little bit relieved he put his sword back on the belt. "You aren't as mighty as I think before. I won" "I live in peace with nature and its creatures"

Upon this speak the shadow reappeared. "So we will bring it to an end" "No excuses. Just you and me" But the Catcoon's first strike going just through the shadow.

Weakend in his heart the CatCoon fell on his knees. "Then make an end. Quick, but make it NOW" But again the shadow just disappeared. The CatCoon thought about the things happend in the past. "Must I live my whole life with this strange things happening?"

"It's this the will of mother nature or of some cruel god ?" Like the punch of a battelram the cold returned and laid his fingers with an iron grip over the Catcoon's body. "By the blood of my family. One day I will find a way to end this." And so the CatCoon left the place with fast stepps.

Without a look back or the rest he planed.

Back in the woods he continued his endless journey for hope.

This Story was made as a tribute to my good friend Furvan.

CatCoon (Kchierath) Character was designed, build and performed by Furvan

Photos and additional work by Schnappkralle

Copyrighted by Furvan

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