Welcome in my living room.

Here I relax, eat my prey and draw my paintings . . .

. . . and sometimes write storys . . .


So sit on the plushie pillow and let me tell you a littel bit about myself . . . .


I am a tree and an half catyear old male. And I am a Cat.

I live in this imaginable treehouse since I discover my catsoul.

My friends call me Schnappkralle. Sometimes they call me by shorter nicknames.

My full CatName and my origin will be a secret for all strangers.

In real live I like to read tales about catlike beings, wear fur and play LRP.

Also I'am colleting plushies.

And if you like read a littel bit of my writtings.

Feel free to study the rolls on the main tabel.


While I see myself more as a fairy then furry. Actual other people see me as a common furry.

Bored of correcting them I accepted their way of anouncing me.

But I still prefer to be a fairy.


When I have more time I will write additional text.

And maybe some of my storys and tales . . .

In the meantime feel free to write an message for me if you wish to tell me somthing.

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